Saturday, 19 July 2008

First Post

After attending an academic blog workshop recently (that highlighted many reasons as to why a research student would do such a thing) I find myself writing this sentence 'as a blogger'.
However getting to grips with the fact that these words maybe read by an 'unknown audience' I'll get on with my first post about the why's and the what's concerning this blog.

Based upon my thoughts, notes and attention in the blog workshop:

A public diary/ notebook
Allowing peers, supervisors, friends and family to know what I'm up too. e.g.
"I haven't got time this minute but you can have a look at my blog"

Benefits of the technology
Accessing the tools to create a dynamic notebook - collating previously separate information in one space - an archived and (mostly) accessible version of ones study on the web - making contacts and finding like minded people through other blogs.

Thinking about writing
Considering the audience and the thought process of instant publishing - writing styles - writing around the research - a space to consolidate ideas while hopefully not becoming overly precious about writing.

As a resource
For me personally it's important that the work I'm doing offers something outside of its journey to a red leather bound slab of words. It's often satisfying to know that something you have read, experienced or commented on has been of interest or even of use to another.

A brief blog overview
The fields of interest within this blog will be: art - technology - craft
The blog will help facilitate the process of research: writing - methods - content
The Peripheral: random thoughts along the way

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