Monday, 28 July 2008

Revisiting the Past - Timeline

Over the past few days I've been ploughing (maybe a slight exaggeration) through the various ways in which data can be presented and designed on the web - see account under the 'research' tag or the links below.

Two examples:
BBC British History Timeline - by far the coolest!

How to build your own:

Upon reviewing my own previous attempts of bringing together and presenting various bits of data (using print), I can see why I subsequently thought that the results were somewhat stagnant in the printed format.
The specific revisited data in question was a timeline that I had tentatively been adding to every now and again (see Adobe Indesign screen grab example image above).

Brief outline of timeline:
The fields for the timeline that I considered to be most appropriate to the research (fine art digital printmaking) were divised into the following categories:
- technology - events - fine art prints - print studios - texts.
Each category contained an image and descriptors; including relevance (to the research), key words and spec details where necessary.
My first attempt at displaying a small portion of this information via the timetoast site (the easiest online facility I tried) can be found here or under Links > Technology Timeline.

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