Saturday, 23 January 2010

Prop Idol

P.Laidler 2010

"One is playing with the world referred to by the image and the other world which is the image itself"
Michael Craig Martin, Reading with Shoes

Many props are ordinary objects. However, a prop must read well from the house or on-screen, meaning it must look real to the audience. Many real objects are poorly adapted to the task of looking like themselves to an audience, due to their size, durability, or colour under bright lights, so some props are specially designed to look more like the actual item than the real object would look.

Object traces
Film props have an interesting presence as they are objects that are exceeded by their image. In drawing this kind of object 'the world referred to by the image' refers to yet another image world emanating from the object. What's interesting is the remnants of the object resides within the minimal two dimensional drawing of a three dimensional form.
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